Not Sure if You are a Donor?

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16- and 17-year-olds can register for the state's First Person Consent Organ/Tissue Donor Registry

16- & 17-Year-Olds Can Join the Illinois Donor Registry.

Not Sure if You are a Donor?

Not Sure if You are a Donor?

2019 Organ/Tissue Donor commercial

2019 Donor Commercial


Organ/tissue donors save lives, restore sight and improve the quality of life for recipients across Illinois every day. The Illinois Secretary of State's office maintains Illinois' official registry of those who wish to donate organs/tissue upon their death.


Become a volunteer for the Life Goes On Organ/Tissue Donor Program. Our advocates are dedicated to making an impact in their communities, places of worship, social groups and schools. All you need is a passion to help save lives and a willingness to share our message.

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Get educated about the benefits of organ/tissue donation. To promote awareness about the importance of organ/tissue donation, the Secretary of State's office provides resources for educating yourself and others about donation.

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The mission of the Secretary of State's Organ/Tissue Donor Program is to strengthen Illinois' Organ/Tissue Donor Registry through outreach and registration initiatives. The program employs regional coordinators who coordinate events throughout the state.

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